Bernie – Confidence Coach and Trainer

Bernie Stevenson

Who am I?

I am Bernie Stevenson, confidence coach and trainer from Lucan, Dublin, Ireland. I am a good listener. I like helping people with an intellectual disability to sort things out. I treat those I work with, with total respect. I know how to coach you to your best success.

What do I believe?

I believe learning new things brings me success. I find a different learning experience for myself every day. I know taking time out of my day to learn is a good thing. I believe with my expertise I can help you learn and make your hopes and dreams come true.

How will I help you?

It is wonderful for us to have a great family support circle. It is also helpful to work with someone outside of that special circle. As a confidence coach and trainer, I can be that person. I can create learning experiences for you. I can guide you with coaching support choosing the right type of coaching for you. Coaching means we will have lots of chats. Together we will decide on the best fun activities you need. I will design a training course for you that will teach you the skills you want.

Bernie Stevenson

Who can I help?

I inspire and work with many learners:

Compromised communicators – having difficulty getting your voice heard, using clear words that support your message and getting noticed in the crowd.

Compromised doers – having difficulty doing what you want as quickly as you want, as quickly as others want or as quickly as the world wants.

Compromised thinkers – having difficulty working through your many thoughts, making your next decision, deciding the next steps to achieving your goals.

I have made dreams come true for younger people, older people, some with differing levels of intellectual difficulty. Come on a journey with me and I will show you how.

What can I do to help you right now?

Book a virtual meeting. Through our chats, training time and fun activities I will help you realise your potential. I will show you the best way to use your wonderful skills and talents to reach your best goals.

More about me

Bernie Stevenson

What else would you like to know?

  • For 30 years I have coached learners with an intellectual difficulty.
  • I am a mentor with Special Olympics Ireland.
  • I set up the Dublin 15, Hot Fuzz Leadership Group for young people with an intellectual difficulty.
  • I am garda vetted under the National Vetting Bureau.
  • I understand the concept of independent living having worked with members of the Centre for Independent Living.
  • I am a qualified personal and business coach for 20 years.
  • I ran a Life Skills programme through Lions Club International and Eve Holdings.
  • I am a master trainer delivering management training to civil servants.

My qualifications include:

  • Diploma in Personal and Business Executive Coaching.
  • Diploma in Equality and Diversity from NUI Galway.
  • BA in Training Consultancy from NCI.
  • HETAC Train the Trainer from NCI.
  • Masters in Strategy and Innovation from NUI Maynooth.

Skills and Talents

We all have skills and talents that we have learned from our teachers, college professors, parents, brothers, sisters and friends. Sometimes we miss out because we are not able to put our hand up and say: “I can’t do that”. Do a course with me and you will go away shouting from the rooftops about how good you are at things. Go and book a virtual meeting now.


We cannot meet together in a room because of COVID. We can have a virtual meeting using the computer or smartphone via Zoom, WhatsApp, MS Teams or Skype. I will be in my office and you will be in your home. The chats give us a chance to talk about your skills and talents. We can talk about skills you have learned already or the skills you would like to learn. It is important that you know what talents you have so you can use these talents to meet your dreams.


The training you did in the past is important. You have learned many skills. Now you can complete my course while sitting at your computer or smartphone at home. The courses will help you recognise your skills and talents. You will get into good habits and make good routines. You will plan a road map to reach your goals.

Fun Activities

I have always liked learning. I learn best by doing. I will show you how to learn while having fun. The courses you do with me will have many fun activities for you to do. We need to have fun every day to stimulate our interests, to get us motivated and to be happy.